Category: Investing Insight

14 Apr 2022

Using Emotions to Make Better Decisions and Deliver Results with ReThink’s Denise Shull

Forget about not being emotional in your investment process. Tap into those emotions! According to today’s guest Denise Shull @DeniseKShull, that is the recipe for success. Denise is the Founder of the ReThink Group and leverages her neuroscience and modern psychoanalysis background to solve the mental mysteries of successful investing, trading, competing, and leading teams. […]

24 Mar 2022

The Trillions of Dollars tracking Three Million Indices, with F.T.’s Finance Correspondent, Robin Wigglesworth

Interesting times in the world bring interesting guests to the show. And, there’s no better time than now to sit down with a global finance correspondent, especially with the U.S. unleashing their USD financial war against Russia. Robin Wigglesworth @RobinWigg, a Financial Times journalist, joins us all the way from Oslo, Norway, for a captivating […]

13 Jan 2022

Emissions Trading and Carbon Allowance Futures with Michael Azlen

We’re taking a trip across the pond to London in this episode and diving into the carbon markets and emissions trading with Michael Azlen, CEO and founder of Carbon Cap Fund and Management. Whether you care about making money off trending carbon emission prices, or saving the planet,  or both… Mike has become a leading […]

13 Dec 2021


“If you lose the last game of the season, nobody gives a sh*t.” – Billy Beane, Moneyball (2011, Sony Pictures)   Not unlike baseball, the month of November will be defined by what happened on the last day. Most of the month was unremarkable with the main storyline continuing to focus on inflation fears and […]

10 Nov 2021

Investing…YouTube Influencer Style

Since its creation in 2005, YouTube has grown into a social media powerhouse. The social media platform isn’t just used to watch music videos or funny skits anymore. But, instead, generations like Millennials and Gen-Z are accessing YouTube to learn how to do things, like, makeup tutorials, playing new games, and discovering new investment opportunities. […]