Category: Managed Futures

13 May 2016

Weekend Reads: The Best and Worst of April

Redefining Trend Following – (Top Traders Unplugged) One Time When Buying Low and Selling High Makes Sense – (Michael Melissinos Blog) The Most Powerful Female Hedge Fund Manager in the World is Crushing it – (Business Insider) Managed Futures Funds: The Best and Worst of April – (DailyAlts) VII. Manage Broad Global Volatility: Consider Global Macro and Managed Futures […]

25 May 2016

Alternative Links: Investors Are Pleased with Managed Futures

Which HF strategies are investors most pleased (green bars) and disappointed with (red) over the last 6-12m | MS — Lady FOHF (@LadyFOHF) May 23, 2016   “Directors at David Harding’s Winton Capital Group hedge fund shared dividends totaling 311 million pounds ($453 million) for 2015 after the payout was boosted by 145 percent […]

01 Jun 2016

The Comeback Kid of the 2016 Asset Class Scoreboard

Don’t look now, but the long only Commodity ETF ($GSG) has gone through a 16% swing over the past three months to move all the way up to the top spot on May’s asset class scoreboard. Commodities have gone knocking on death’s door, to establishing a drawdown valley, to leading all asset classes after a […]