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22 Apr 2016

Weekend Reads: Middle Class Secret Shame

Finding a New Balance with Alternatives – (BMO) The Spaghetti Dinner which is the Alternatives Classification – (RCM’s Attain Alternatives Blog) CTA inflows hit nine month high – (CTA Intelligence) Why Money Manager Due Diligence is so Difficult – (A Wealth of Common Sense) The Top 16 Investing Blogs of 2016 – (FundRise) Make No […]

27 Apr 2016

Alternative Links: A Thirst for the Futures Industry

Mary Ann Burns: A Thirst for the Futures Industry and a Crafty Career – (JLN) Commodity Prices Rise For 3rd Week In A Row – (The Capital Spectator) Commodity Hedge Funds Are Hot Again – (Wall Street Journal) Escoffier leaves Societe Generale – (Reuters) Are alt mutuals eating from the CTA pie? – (CTA Intelligence) […]

18 May 2016

Alternative Links: New Chicago Trading Pit

A New Trading Floor in 2016? Options Market Turns to Old Tactic – (Bloomberg) How Should Alternative Investments Be Benchmarked? – (A Wealth of Common Sense) The Future of the Hedge Fund Industry – (A Wealth of Common Sense) Q&A: Roy Niederhoffer – (CTA Intelligence) The Strategy I’ve Heard So Much About – (Michael Melissinos) […]

25 May 2016

Alternative Links: Investors Are Pleased with Managed Futures

Which HF strategies are investors most pleased (green bars) and disappointed with (red) over the last 6-12m | MS — Lady FOHF (@LadyFOHF) May 23, 2016   “Directors at David Harding’s Winton Capital Group hedge fund shared dividends totaling 311 million pounds ($453 million) for 2015 after the payout was boosted by 145 percent […]