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09 Jun 2016

Alternative Links: Special CTA Report

Preqin Special CTA Report – (Preqin) Restoring ranchers’ faith in the cattle markets – (Grand Fork Sherald) FCM Outlook 2016: Brokers Finding New Fields Of Green – (JLN) Goldman Sells Stakes in Five Hedge Funds for $800 Million – (Bloomberg) USGS Estimates 66 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas in Colorado’s Mancos Shale Formation – […]

10 Jun 2016

Presidential Election Cycles Good For Managed Futures?

There’s no doubt this presidential cycle has been… interesting. The standard pedigree no longer exists, the candidates of the two major parties have the worst net popularity rating (strongly favor minus strongly unfavored) than any other candidate dating back to the 1980’s, and the anticipation of what’s going to happen next is captivating the world. […]

01 Jul 2016

Weekend Reads: Flourishing and Dying

Managed Futures Thrives From Brexit – (RCM’s Attain Alternatives Blog) In Brexit Rout, Managed Futures Funds Emerge as Big Winners – (Bloomberg) Managed futures mutuals net $1.3bn profit from Brexit turmoil – (CTA Intelligence) Midyear Performance of Asset Class Scoreboard — (RCM’s Attain Alternatives Blog) Chicago: Map Shows Vast Disparity In Real Estate Prices By […]