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15 Mar 2011

Managed Futures Spotlight: Accela

It’s that time of the month- time for a Managed Futures Spotlight Newsletter. This month’s Managed Futures Spotlight highlights the Accela Capital Management Global Diversified program, a systematic multi-market program we started tracking on our platform in early 2010. Ranked #7 in our most recent semi-annual managed futures rankings, the Accela Capital Global Diversified program has been […]

22 Mar 2011

Expected v. Realized Returns in Managed Futures

Our weekly newsletter is up here, analyzing how expectations impact the investing experience and decission making paradigm. Confused? Think about it this way: for those who first set sight on the Mona Lisa or ate at the best restaurant in town and felt underwhelmed, asking yourself what the big deal is; or conversely have been […]

12 Apr 2011

What Does Managed Futures Success Look Like?

We know, we know… we’re late getting the newsletter out. It takes a long time to run the data we just crunched for 16 graphs… We believe you will find it well worth the wait. We heard from a client recently who was down 4% in March and quite upset about it. Never mind that […]

19 Apr 2011

Newsletter: How the Pros Manage Risk

Our weekly newsletter is up, and this time around, we’re looking at risk management strategies. Every manager we look at says they manage risk, and that risk management is their number one priority – but talk is…as they say…cheap, and the real question when analyzing a managed futures program is not IF they manage risk (anyone […]

26 Apr 2011

Managed Futures Spotlight: Emil Van Essen Spread Trading

Our newsletter this week focuses on legendary spread trader Emil Van Essen. It has been nearly two years since we profiled the popular Emil Van Essen Spread program (EVE) and since that newsletter, much has changed. Overall, we remain very impressed with Mr. Van Essen and his trading. The EVE team was a champion of the […]

03 May 2011

Newsletter: Is Managed Futures an Asset Class?

A few weeks ago we posted on Mack Frankfurter of Cervino Capital’s recent discussion of managed futures and whether or not it is an asset class. Mack argues that it is not, resting his case on the logical fallacies prevalent on the other side of the debate. When considering why managed futures were often described as an asset class, […]

24 May 2011

Managed Futures Spotlight: Clarke Capital Management

Our weekly newsletter is up, and it’s that time of the month- time for a managed futures spotlight. As we wrote the piece, we reflected on the role of this month’s CTA in how we often approach portfolio advising. We sometimes have clients who are attracted to managed futures by the various CTA indices, or […]

07 Jun 2011

Know Your Skew- by Quest Partners

Our newsletter is up for this week, and this time around, we’re taking a look at some fascinating research coming from other corners of the industry. A recent research piece by Quest Partners, a systematic multi market CTA out of New York, was forwarded to us by a client (thanks Mr. S) last week, and their […]