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04 Jan 2017
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Alternative Links: Best Diversifying Options

But even amid the gloom, managed futures was the only alternatives category to be in net positive flows, perhaps a sign that advisors have come to recognize managed-futures funds as one of the best diversifying options in a portfolio. The Year in Alternative Funds: A Bumpy Road With Some Bright Spots – (MorningStar)   Money […]

19 Dec 2016
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Commodity ETFs are a Bad Long Term Bet – Duh

For what seems to be the first time in what we can tell, there are other people out there warning investors of the dangers of Commodity ETFs. This week, the Financial Times beatifically outlined one of the many issues with these sort of products, such as $USO, $UNG, and $CORN. Investors have learnt the hard way […]

16 Dec 2016

Weekend Reads: A Harry Potter Spider and 3 Tons of Gold

We couldn’t help ourselves but create an infographic for Star War fans to navigate the galaxy of investments. STAR WARS: THE FAN’S GUIDE TO INVESTING – (RCM’s Attain Alternative Blog) Action and connection with people in your community pays itself back tenfold in meeting our basic human need to feel useful. ‘Tis the season to […]

31 Jul 2015

China’s Levered Up

China’s reaction to the markets: Weekend Reads:  CEO shares $27 million with staff after selling his firm – (CNN Money) The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational – (The New York Times) Stop Thinking About Markets as if They Were Human – (Bloomberg) Start Ups are thriving in NC  – (CNBC) BK: $TWTR NEEDS TO EMBRACE […]