Category: Why Alternatives?

11 Nov 2015

25 Questions Every Investor Should Know About eco Capital

Let’s face it, when you take the time to evaluate possible strategies for your long term portfolio plans (especially Alternative Investments) there are a lot of choices out there, and it’s not always easy to create a so called short list, or even make a choice when you have that said short list. Performance tends […]

12 Nov 2015

Why Bonds are more like Tom Hanks, not Rodney Dangerfield

This morning, we came across a piece by Fran Kinniry of Vanguard suggesting that bonds lack investors’ respect when it comes time to talk diversification, complete with the required Rodney Dangerfield/no Respect mention: “Oh when I was a kid, I got no respect. I played hide and seek. They wouldn’t even look for me.” – […]

02 Dec 2015

Does a 40 Act Make Sense?

On the surface, it seems like a simple choice for Managed Futures managers to convert their private funds into a 40 Act Mutual Fund, especially with the explosion of assets over the last six or seven years. But that choice gets a little more difficult when you look at the current Managed Futures Mutual Fund […]