Category: Investing Insight

13 Jan 2016

Managed Futures 2015 Strategy Review

While the headlines and summaries of 2015 will focus on a flat year for stocks and rout in commodity markets – the year was anything but that simple. There was a rally in energy prices, as hard as that is to believe now. There were new highs in the stock market, punctuated by a sharp […]

25 Jan 2016

The 10 Best Managed Futures Programs of 2015

Managed Futures as an asset class was able to finish just above the black in 2015 (according to our 2014 asset class scoreboard) which is great to use as a reference to compare against other investment strategies, but it’s not so great if someone was using that information to decide whether to invest in Managed […]

05 Feb 2016

Weekend Reads: Questioning Capitalism

Answering Larry’s Call – (Reformed Broker) CarhoMetrics Cracks the Code on Shipping Data – (Institutional Investor) The Secretive Hedge Fund That’s Generating Huge Profits for Yale – (Bloomberg) Macro Strategies Hedge Funds Provide Capital Protection in Volatile Financial Markets – (Preqin) The Difference Between Institutional & Individual Investors – (A Wealth of Common Sense) Why […]